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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The beginnings of a craft cottage =)

 It has been raining ugh! So I had to find something else to do with my time this week instead of yard work. Yes, I probably could have painted in the laundry room, or the guest bath... but instead I headed out to the studio. Where to begin?! Oh my! This has become a catchall since moving over Christmas. Everything was placed out here that we didn't know where to put quite yet.
 Ooh, there is Jessica's table! Hmm, forgot I even had it! Sorry Jessica!
 There is a couch under there somewhere and a faux fireplace!
 I wonder where the drawers are to those plastic carts???
 I decided the easiest thing to do was move all the tubs with holiday decorating stored in them into the other side of the studio, the garage side.
 I bought more tubs for the items that I purchased this year or to replace a few tubs that were falling apart.
 I began filling them and labeling them, then decided to move them ALL into the house to take up to the storage area off the den/office. The hubby and I decided it would be easier for me to access them from there rather than the storage above the studio.
 Uh hmm, it's starting to come together =) I am making two different areas, one for crafting...
 and one for hanging out with my crafty friends =) My friend Andrea gifted me this vintage couch and the previous owners left the wool rug with the house. I would have loved to have painted out here first but it will be a HUGE project, one that I am just not ready for right now. So I will make the best of it for now.

 In the mean time my poor plants that I bought to plant are getting lots of water! Hehe! I think I have a thing for pink and purple this year. All the roses I bought are some shade of pink too.
 I had such good luck with the artichokes at the other house I bought some to plant here.
Guess I better finish lugging these up stairs. The hubby is going to help me get them into the storage area tonight. The other half of them are already upstairs 22 tubs all together, ack!

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