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Friday, March 4, 2011

 This morning while catching up on some blogs I came across a couple posts that made me realize I could start a few things for the garden. I could plan out what I was going to plant, and where I was going to plant it! Woohoo! Just the little pump up I needed this morning! Above is a pic of my garden area.
 I haven't done anything with the compost pile since moving into the cottage. Guess I need to find that book I bought a few months ago on composting! Haha!
 You may remember that 1/3 of this building is the chicken coop (left side with the cute little window) 1/3 is storage and a work space and 1/3 is the greenhouse/potting shed (right side with the plastic panels).  Next to it is my rainwater barrel.
 This is what the middle section looks like, a MESS!
 This is the greenhouse side. It really needs to be cleaned up, before I start any seeds. I would LOVE to change out the plastic panels for old windows from ReStore. Similar to this idea.
 I think the counters may need to be a bit stronger. Something like this? LOVE!
 I have plans still for all this chicken wire! Mmm... large black china hutch in the dining area with chicken wire inserted where the glass used to be! Just need to find the perfect hutch to paint black!
 I saw this post to use inexpensive shop lights... I think I may need to change out the previous owners "light system".
 Yuk, I really need things to warm up a bit so I can hose this place down!
 I am trying to decide about the floor, leave it dirt? Or gravel it? I think I would like to have large plastic bins on the floor under the counters to store soil and things so maybe gravel would be okay since I could just sweep the extra soil into the bin? Hmmm, not sure. Hoping maybe my mom will have a good idea?
 Glad the previous owners left the trellis for the peas and beans. Makes things easier for me! The little clump of green under the white fence is the rhubarb. The hubby and I are working on a plan together to fence this whole area in for a number of reasons.
#1 To keep Koko in our yard, she loves to roam around and explore!
#2 To keep the neighborhood dogs out of our yard! We have a number of very large dogs that come to our yard to "doo their duty".
#3 To let the chickens roam free in the yard instead of the pen. They will hopefully eat the slugs that tend to like my gardens!
I think we may have figured it out and hopefully inexpensively =)
I am saving all my empty TP rolls and PT rolls for planting, this was a great idea! Off to order seeds! Are you planting a garden this year? What are you gonna plant?

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