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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy St. Pattys Day

 After picking the kiddos up from Seatac at 11:00 pm and driving home we had a late start Thursday morning. I greeted the kids with the goody bags, the Lucky Charms, the rainbow cupcakes and all the other fun green food and drink I had put together.
 After a healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms, Mint Oreos, and green punch we headed down to Larabee State Park.
 It was beautiful down on the beach.
 Then we headed to Fairhaven for lunch at Skylarks some shopping and a stop for cupcakes and gelato.
 We dropped the boys off at the local Brewery in Bellingham and the girls and I headed for pedicures.
 We had a great relaxing time =)
 The boys did too! Ha! We picked them up, picked up the hubby and headed to dinner!
 We had a great dinner down on the water, lots of seafood and some fun with tongue tattoos
and watched the sun set.
We ended the evening sitting in the hottub with the stars overhead! Perfect day!

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