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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Garden notes...

 While doing some  Christmas shopping I came across these herb pots at Restoration Hardware, I ordered one of each for myself and a couple for Christmas gifts ;)
 I decided today was the day to get them started.
 These will be fun to keep in the kitchen window, I am also going to plant a small herb garden in the rose garden near the kitchen. The other house has chives that are growing really well and need to be thinned out so I will transplant some to the new house.
 These turned out so cute! They even came with the cute little scissors and sticks to label them.
 Can not wait to see these sprout.
 Then Koko and I headed outside to work in the garden. It appeared to be a sunny day... but it kept sprinkling on me! When it started to hail I decided maybe it was still too early to plant anything more ha!
 I did get potatoes, garlic and asparagus planted.
I used some extra 2x4's I found in the chicken coop to help define the new garden space, when the hubby gets home from California I will have him cut another 2x4 for each of the sides. This afternoon I will plant some seeds in my recycled toilet paper/paper towel pots. Thanks for stopping by!

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