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Monday, March 7, 2011

The weather has really been beautiful and springy! Koko and I have been spending our days doing this ^^^ she watches for the birds and squirrels out in the courtyard, then she barks and gets all excited to chase them all off, I let her out, she chases them all off, then it starts again!
She is sooo happy to finally have some action around this new house! It has been fun to have the birds and squirrels so close to the house.
The hubby and I spent the weekend tidying up the yard at the other house. It looks so nice!
We raked all the flower beds, mowed the lawns, painted the back deck, used the leaf blower to blow lots of "stuff" off the patio, walkways and driveway.
We filled our trailer full and took it all to the dump on Sunday! Feels so good to have that all done! We signed the papers tonight with our realtor to put it on the market. She is having a group of realtors walk through tomorrow, a photographer take some pictures and the "sign guy" come to install the for sale sign. Keeping our fingers crossed it has some activity right away!
I had the rest of the house looking so cute I decided to add a little something to the laundry area. I bought a jar at Walmart, filled it with some homemade laundry detergent, stuck in an antique jello mold for a scoop and added a tag and ribbon.
The tag just says SOAP simple as that!
Last touch was some fresh flowers by the front door. 

Spring is coming! =)

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