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Friday, March 25, 2011

Garden notes... and yardwork

 The hubby has been out of town in California, I have been cleaning up the yard around the cottage... this pile came from all the fallen pine boughs from around the driveway and main pond area...
 This pile too! It was soo nice to sit in the hot tub at the end of the day! =) I forgot to take a before and after pic of the area I cleaned up... will try to get one today ha!
 I started some seeds for the garden... can not wait to see them start to sprout! I recycled several containers that I already had.
 I am going to try to can my own salsa and tomato sauce this year so I planted lots of tomatoes and jalepenos.
I also used my recycled TP and paper towel rolls... I haven't ever done this before but hope that it works well.
Yesterday I cleaned up around the courtyard, and filled the courtyard pond up with water... it has a leak, so I need to decide what to do with it. The hubby wants to cover it up, I love having water features, so I am considering maybe a fountain or something easier to maintain. I do have a fountain already the lion head one... but it needs some repair as well. Again no before and after pics... today I am going to continue cleaning the yard if the sun decides to show... otherwise I may be headed into the studio to begin the first step of using the space - ORGANIZING. I'm not sure I even feel comfortable showing how bad the before is in there! Wish me luck! Haha!

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